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Our success is underpinned by the continual development of high quality ancillary products to complement the range of locking and bolting systems, for example special security hinges and hinge bolts to strengthen the hinged side of the door. Other products include:

Barrel and Tower Bolts to strengthen the passive leaf of a double doorset, or of are movable overhead plant access panel.

Cylinder Guards that protect most types of cylinder against physical attack. Advanced anti drilling features provide exceptional security.

Sash Window Locks to secure large windows (over 2 metres tall) where reach makes securing the window problematic. English Heritage approval has been granted on selected buildings in the UK due, in part, to device compliance with building aesthetics.

Anti-Ligature Door Furniture to meet the requirements of mental health secure units which includes minimising the risk of patient self-inflicted harm.

Door Vision Panels with security, blast and ballistic accreditation. These can be used to provide compliance with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Accessories such as:

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