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Providing Fail-Safe and Fail-Secure locking in one system - 02-11-18

The Surelock McGill Fail Safe & Secure multi-point locking system provides access control for both entry and exit in normal power-mode and the capability for an audit trail both in and out of secure environments.

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The AN400 Resealable Keyring - 19-07-18

Surelock McGill's range of resealable keyrings designed specifically where key management is crucial in securing the immediate environment i.e. prisons/ special hospitals/ banks/ security vehicles.

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Access Control Announcement - 28-06-18

Access control is the second fastest growing sector in the global physical security market.

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Life Safety Vs Security? - 13-04-18

We are leaders in the field of physical security, offering complete security solutions as well as high performance ironmongery upgrades.

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The Stirling - Single Point Security - 29-01-18

Our flagship single-point locking system The Stirling has been upgraded providing a wider range of options, a smarter finish and overall simplicity in the self-order system.

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