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A guide to the selection of Surelock McGill products.

1. Choose the appropriate system for the application

‘Slimline’ multi-point for the higher levels of security protection



‘Stirling’ single-point for the middle range of security protection

2. Four steps to Slimline and Stirling coding

Example System Code:


Many products have optional enhancements such as alternative key cylinder, lock monitoring, etc. These are indicated by appending the appropriate code to the prime system code.

The enhancements and codes for your prime system are listed in an enhancements list in the Slimline or Stirling sections.

3. Handing and Orientation

Other products may require coding for both handing and/or door swing to be clarified (refer to the specific product section for details). If handing and/or opening direction are required, Surelock McGill encode this with the 2-digit code shown in the table below. This code is added after the prime system code. Where handing/ orientation are not required, use the code 00.

Slimline systems are suitable for right- or left-hand and inward- or outward-opening doors. You will only have to specify door handing if you order a Slimline enhancement where the enhancements list shows that door handing is required.

Lock Handing Guide

Look at the side of the door on which the lock is mounted.

The handing is the direction in which the horizontal bolt is pointing.

Right Hand Lock

Left Hand Lock

Open Direction Guide

Open Direction Guide

Note: Slimline is non-directional and, in the majority of cases, non-handed. When handing is required, use ‘04’ for right hand or ‘05’ for left hand, irrespective of opening direction, otherwise use ‘00’.

4. Fixings

Standard Packages and many of the Custom Locks are supplied with fixings for a timber core door. Alternative fixings are available for other door constructions, these are listed in the enhancements list for the appropriate system.

5. Keeps and Strikes

Standard Packages are supplied with keeps for an outward opening door hung in a timber frame with a concrete floor under. Other keeps are available to suit frame, floor detail and the swing of the door. (refer to the specific product section for details).

6. Important Reminders

Door Height: When a multi-point system is ordered for a door of more than 2200mm you must specify door height using enhancement code E(n) (see the enhancement list for your system).

Fixings & Keeps: If you have special applications these have probably been met before, please contact our technical sales department for more guidance.

Special Requirements: Check to see if there are any special requirements to be met, i.e. certification, secondary daytime operation, building or DDA regulations, etc. You may also require Ancillary Products such as:

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