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Fire and Smoke Resistance

A well designed fire door will delay the spread of fire and smoke. The performance of fire doors is judged by subjecting them to the test procedure specified in BS476: Part 22: 1987 or EN 1634. Tests are made on complete doorsets, the door and frame with all the necessary hardware. The design of and the materials used in Surelock McGill products assist in providing an inherent stability and resistance to the stresses that a fire imposes on a door.

Fire and smoke resistance will help to ensure building integrity under fire conditions for the certified period of time and to permit evacuation of occupants and access for fire fighters. The testing is carried out by independent specialist organisations and has been conducted to both BS476: Part 22: 1987 or EN 1634 standards. The fire ratings are given in minutes and prefixed by the letters ‘FD’, thus:

Note: Surelock McGill fully supports fire testing by its customers. Successful test evidence carried out by Surelock McGill will be made available for the benefit of its customers for possible appending to any of their existing fire accreditation.

–  30 minutes fire resistance

–  60 minutes fire resistance

–  90 minutes fire resistance

–  2 hours fire resistance

–  4 hours fire resistance

The CERTIFIRE certification that Surelock products carry provides a door manufacturer with continuity. Providing a door has appropriate fire check certification, they can apply a Surelock system and maintain certification without the expense of retesting.

The CERTIFIRE scheme is designed to give confidence to specifiers, enforcement authorities and building owners and occupiers. CERTIFIRE is recognised by regulatory authorities both in the UK and overseas.

Certification of construction products with fire performance is provided by Warrington Fire Certification under the CERTIFIRE brand.

CERTIFIRE requirements are based on those for CE Marking, but where as the CE Mark relects compliance with minimum regulatory requirements, CERTIFIRE is independent third party product certification at a higher level, a quality mark, designed to enable manufacturers to demonstrate a difference between their products and those satisfying only the minimum requirement to be placed on the market.

The main additional requirements for CERTIFIRE, over and above attestation for CE Marking, are ISO9001:2008 certification, independent audit testing and a comprehensive field of application document based on carefully chosen tests.