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Panic and Emergency Exit Standards
BS EN 1125:2008 &
BS EN 179: 2008

The safety of people within a building is paramount today – safety requirements have to be met in public buildings, places of work, secure institutions etc. Standards have been developed to measure the ability of doors and devices to meet safety requirements.

The latest European standards for panic and emergency exit doors have been updated to the ‘2008’ revision, to ensure maximum safety.

Surelock McGill have worked hard to ensure they have products that comply with the latest standards so they can be used to provide safety exits that are both easy to operate and thoroughly fit for purpose. They are the first in the UK to achieve certification to the 2008 update of the standards.

Surelock McGill use their security expertise to ensure that emergency and panic exits can also meet your security requirements, including conformance to blast, ballistics and other hostility standards.

Extracts from the Standards

Product Classification

The above standards have a classification system that encodes product performance and characteristics to further ease the task of choosing the appropriate system for your needs. See “Panic and Emergency Exit Classifications” later.

Extracted from the Standards

“These European Standards are for use on hinged or pivoted, outward opening door leaves only, not exceeding 200kg in mass, 2500mm in height and 1300mm in width.”

On Double Panic/Emergency Exit Doorsets

“The standards require an exit device such that the activation of either operating element will release at least the door leaf to which it is fitted.”

An Overview of Requirements from the Standards

“This document identifies various regular door configurations likely to be encountered, including:

Note that: Where your requirements fall outside the above scope, (for example, if you require overheight, heavy, or inward opening doors) Surelock McGill customised devices are available. Although these cannot be certified under the standard, they are based upon independently tested prime components.

Panic & Emergency Exit classifications explained

For the purpose of these European Standards, exit devices are classified using a ten character classification. This classification takes the form illustrated below and explained in the table below.

Panic & Emergency Exit Device Classifications

Classification codes for Surelock McGill products

EX700 Lever Handle range of emergency exit devices

EX700 Push Pad range of emergency exit devices

EX700 Panic Exit devices


Slimline Lever Handle range of emergency exit devices

Slimline Push Pad range of emergency exit devices

Slimline range of Panic Exit devices


Stirling Lever Handle range of emergency exit devices

Stirling Push Pad range of emergency exit devices

Stirling Lock Panic Exit devices


Declaration of Performance

Declaration of Performance certificates for the above products are available for download.