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The Surelock McGill range comprise lockable handles that provide key entry provision for doors fitted with Surelock panic and emergency exit devices. The internal panic bar, emergency exit lever handle or push pad will override the locked handle and release the bolting device.

The range includes LEO’s that can be surface mounted and, for higher security, LEO’s that can be recessed into the door. The more recent designs incorporate a Euro-profile cylinder, this enables cylinder change-over to be made between different makes of cylinders.

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Entry Lock for Panic and Emergency Exits - LEO (Lock with Emergency Override)

Surface Mounted LEO’s

These are face fixed to the door and have a chrome plated bronze body, with stainless steel internal components and lever handle.

Cylinder protection, tested by LPCB to meet the requirements of LPS 1175 are incorporated on certain types of LEO.

LEO’s can be used in conjunction with Surelock devices that meet the following criteria:

BS EN 1125: 2008 Panic exit
BS EN 179: 2008 Emergency exit

Recessed LEO’s

These are let into the face of the door, protecting the fixings from attack, having a stainless steel body, internal components and lever handle.


Creating a sandwich type construction (as shown on the next page), adding to the structure and overall strength of the door.


Cylinders from most leading manufacturers can be accommodated with a 5-pin (Union) cylinder fitted as standard, unless otherwise specified.

Cylinder Protection

Fitted with a cylinder guard and an anti-drilling disk, when indicated.

Ordering Codes


Surface LEO (option L)
Recessed LEO (option L
Recessed LEO, cylinder protected (option L
Surface LEO, Euro-profile cylinder (option L
Recessed LEO, Euro-profile cylinder (option L
Recessed LEO, Euro-profile cylinder, protected (option L

S-8718 Surface mounted LEO, option L

S-8719 Recessed LEO, option L1

S-10661 Recessed LEO, cylinder protected, option L2

Technical Information:

The following options are available for LEO’s and are specified by appending the option code/s to the package code:-

S-11330 Surface mounted LEO, Euro-profile cylinder (option L3)

Recessed LEO general assembly