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Bespoke Blast Solutions

Over 1000kgs of high quality engineering enable special multi-point securing devices to be supplied from a modular design concept. This enables a choice as to the number of bolts and material, their position and throw to meet almost any threat protection.

Operational functionality can be as simple or complex as a site requires, including deadlocking to prevent forced bolt retraction with key or access control lock release, remote or touch-bar motorised bolt actuation, lock and bolt status monitoring and if required, manual release in the case of power failure.

Special Motorised Applications

Blast Containment

The illustration opposite shows a ‘Threat Containment Unit’. This has been developed to meet problems such as suspect abandoned luggage at airports. The system uses Traditional Surelock ‘G1’ bolting modules and is designed for robotic rather than human intervention.

‘Threat Containment Unit’ Photograph by kind permission of Aigis Blast Protection

Example of a 1,000kg locking system: