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Ordering Codes:

LD115 -

LD113 -

SM17n -

SM17d -

Loddon High Performance Deadlock with provision for key entry, pull lever to exit

As above with additional Bolt Hold-Back Snib and External Lock-down facility, preventing exit

Loddon package with external cylinder protection, heavy duty escutcheon, provision for key entry and pull lever to exit

As above with additional Bolt Hold-back Snib and External Lock-down facility, preventing exit

The Loddon is compatible with standard Rim Cylinders from leading manufacturers. It is supplied with a keep for inward opening doors and steel core fixings. The Loddon can usually be retrofitted where Rim Locks need upgrading for added protection. Our Technical Sales Department will provide advice on compatibility.

Enhancement options and complete packages are available, including the SMC1 Cylinder Housing Guard, a choice of selected high security cylinders, plus bolt through sandwich fixing into an external heavy duty Stainless Steel Escutcheon Plate. This significantly increases the robustness and security of both new and existing doors.

Retro-fit replacement for Ingersoll SC71 & SC73

SM17n & SM17d
Loddon Packages

Note: Key Cylinders to be ordered separately

The Surelock McGill Loddon High Performance Deadlock with:

Loddon High Performance Deadlock - Stainless Steel Auto Deadlocking

Ingersoll SMC1 Cylinder Replacement Housing

Replacement Housing for a straight forward simple retro-fit

It has previously been difficult to replace the Ingersoll Rim Cylinder with another type because of it’s unique footprint. The Surelock SMC1 addresses this problem making it easy to upgrade to a modern high-security type. Using the SMC1 ensures:

The SMC1 is a Cylinder Protection Housing that has the same footprint and central tang arrangement as the Ingersoll Rim Cylinder but which provides a secure, protected mounting for KIK Cylinders from most leading manufacturers such as:

LD115 Loddon High Performance Deadlock

The LD115 & LD113 Loddon high security key-entry rim deadlocks are supplied complete with inward opening keep and steel core fixing (cylinder & keys to be ordered separately). The following enhancements are available and are specified by appending the option code/s to the package code.

Additional Features (optional)

Ordering Example

LD115-0  W



Loddon high security key-entry rim deadlock, key entry and pull-lever free exit at all times, complete with inward opening keep, Medeco m3-ARX rim cylinder (option ‘05 ’) and sandwich plate fixing arrangement(option ‘W 11’).

SM17n & SM17d Loddon packages come complete with cylinder housing guard and sandwich plate through fixing, simply requiring the choice of cylinder to be ordered separately by appending the appropriate cylinder option code (as listed above).