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‘Solent’ High Security Dual Protection Multi-point Lock

Highest Security with Emergency Exit to BS EN 179: 2008

High performance, multi-functional with break glass and anti-tamper protection. Providing emergency exit at all times.

Features & Accreditations

The ‘Solent’ multi-point lock has been specifically designed to meet the highest level of security classifications. It has been awarded a Security status by HM Government and successfully type tested to BS EN 179: 2008. It provides a one-handed means of exit in the case of an emergency and automatically returns to its previous status after each exit.

The ‘Solent’ lock is from the Surelock range of high performance multi-point locking systems, which have been successfully tested to the largest combination of Security, Fire, Blast and Ballistic certifications and accreditations. The design and materials used ensure a robust product, built to endure heavy usage and hostile environments, tested to over a million cycles.

The ‘Solent’ lock is a single lock for all purposes, and negates the need for repairs to a door each time an alternative lock is fitted to suit a change of operation.

Three 15mm diameter hardened steel bolts, each with 25mm throw Emergency exit, independently type-tested to BS EN 179: 2008.

Fitted with a Slimline multi-point deadlock to provide automatic re-securing upon door closure and end-pressure attack resistance to all bolts.

Anti-tamper break-glass with double over-lock protects against the highest levels of threat.

Slimline devices are successfully tested to high levels of Security, Fire, Blast and Ballistic protection and tested to over a million cycles.

Prime Entry Lock Selection

Optional Enhancements

Prime Entry Lock Selection

KABA MAS AUDITCON 552 - selfpowered combination lock, fitted with anti-spy shield, 99 users, time delay and audit facilities.
ENV1300 Class B Vds Class 2

KABA MAS X-09 - limited view LCD display self-powered electromechanical combination lock. Three modes of user access, plus audit facilities.
GSA approved for use on security vault doors

ILD - key operated high security lock developed by the Department of Defense Lock Program. The ILD is approved by DoD for use on doors to weapon storage structures.
OSD31 and DoD approved

S&G 2470 - High-Security electromechanical combination lock, meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740A, GSA approved, single and dual user entry; sets electronically and dialled mechanically.

Technical Information

Performance Suitability

Surelock multi-point locks have been successfully tested on a variety of high performance doorsets, aimed at the following standards:






1175 Security Rating 2, 3, 4 and 5.

BS 476 part 22:1987 doorsets, 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

‘Protected Spaces’, ratings ‘C15’ and C25’.

BS EN 1522:1999, FB1-FB7 and FSG.

BS EN 179:2008 (Emergency Exit) classification: 37601442A.

S&G 8550 - mechanical combination lock, UL listed group 1 VdS Class 2, CEN B, DNV 3492, CNPP A2P B/E; 1,000,000 theoretical combinations.

Note: Most combination locks with the standard industry or UK Government mounting footprint can be fitted, upon request.

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Tamar - key operated lock with cylinder guard protection and microswitch provision for lock status monitoring. ‘Genous’ option provides a secondary overlock plus full audit trail facility.
SSG ref: 25.42.1753