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Ribble Lock

The Surelock Ribble lock provides a high level of anti-tamper protection against surreptitious breach. The lock has a HM Government Security Class 4 approved cylinder.. Each cylinder has a new unique key differ and is provided with two keys.

The key is retained in the unlocked position. This ensures that the lock is always thrown when the key is removed. A cylinder guard is built in to provide resistance in the case of an attack. A micro switch enables electric monitoring of the locked status.

The dual mounting footprint of the device conforms to both the US, European and HM Government fixing patterns for combination locks. This means it is easy to retrofit in place of existing locks that conform to either standard such as the Mk4 Manifoil combination, the Mersey lever key, the Kaba Mas Auditcon and X09 electronic combination locks.

High Security Single-point Deadlock

Ordering code  RL100


Ribble lock with dual mounting footprint

Packing to suit cylinder projection between 17.5mm to 23.5mm

BS EN 1303 class 5 cylinder

Surelock cylinder guard with rotating anti-drill disc

‘Off-set Ribble’ - easy cupboard replacement for the Mersey lock

The ‘off-set Ribble’ provides effortless replacement to the Mersey lock. The cylinder is flush fitted into the lock negating the need to replace any existing glass overlock plates. The bolt datum position remains the same as the standard Ribble and the dual mounting footprint is retained.

Each lock is supplied with two Medeco m  -ARX extended keys, each to a new unique differ.

‘Genous’ Additional Feature (optional):

The Ribble lock can be fitted with Genous access control. The Genous chip-in-key technology and solenoid driven overlock restricts access to authorised keys only. The authorisation is programmable and the Genous system logs all authorised and unauthorised operations at the lock. The secure Genous log provides a full audit trail with date, time and user ID.

The Genous system records up to 10,000 events and provides a choice of different key status levels. It can be a stand-alone intelligent unit, or linked to into a Genous network, which can include door systems and asset cabinets.

Software is available for linking either to a PDA or a laptop computer. Genous technology can also be networked over single- or multiple buildings.

Genous Processing Unit

Genous Intelligent Key

2-drawer cabinet fitted
with a Ribble lock and
Genous technology