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Slimline Enhancements

Devices are normally supplied for surface mounting, with auto-bolting to re secure upon door closure. The Slimline range is supported with a full range of enhancements enabling a device to be tailored to meet the most demanding requirements.

Refer to the Slimline ‘Enhancement Guide’ for full information on available enhancements, together with any handing variants.

A selection of frame and floor keeps is available to suit most applications, refer to ‘Slimline Keeps and Strikes’ for full details.

Bi-Directional restraint

UK patent application number 0504198.3

Slimline Handing

Slimline is generally not handed but certain enhancements are.
The Slimline enhancements list and the handing chart (on the right)
provides handing information where required.

Popular Enhancements

The following is a summary of the more popular enhancements chosen for Slimline safe exit devices; refer to the full enhancement chart for the wider choice and full details.

For the Slimline Panic and Emergency Exits Enhancements - CLICK HERE

Quality Statement

Our continued commitment to product excellence and accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 throughout the group ensures unequalled customer satisfaction and is our ‘Seal of Excellence’.

Intellectual Property Rights

All Surelock products are the subject of intellectual property rights. These rights include patent and design rights, in particular UK patents 2289084, 2307270, 2321277, 2323272, 2330375, 2346927, 2351542, 2355282, 2359111, 2361959, 2364740, 2413822, 2423787, 2425325, 2462229 & 2462387, plus UK patent applications 2445948 & 2458893 together with overseas patents and applications.

In accordance with our policy of continual development and improvement we reserve the right to make changes in design and specifications without notice.

Slimline 3-Point Bolting Devices - Enhancements available

Slimline 4-Point Bolting Devices - Enhancements available