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Self Coding System

Stirling (ST) modular devices have a simple ordering code that covers the chosen methods of entry and exit, followed by additional enhancements to further customise the device. Stirling devices are suitable for fitting to almost any door.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

The number of bolts securing is predetermined for the Stirling range (1)

Apply entry code 0 (safe exit door)*

Choose the required exit code 4 (panic) or 5 (emergency)

Select any enhancements to customise and suit specific requirements

The device is easy to specify:

That’s it! The device is specified.


Panic and emergency exit devices have a ‘0’ entry code, these can be supplied with an external key and/or handle entry, refer to the enhancement codes for the appropriate application.

Four steps to Stirling

Example system code:

The above code ST105-04-K10W specifies a Stirling single-point, lever handle emergency exit device. The enhancement codes K10 specifies external key entry, no external handle required and ‘W’ for steel core fixing.

Stirling Enhancements

The Stirling range is supported with a full range of enhancements enabling a device to be tailored to meet the most demanding requirements. Devices are supplied for surface mounting and latching upon door closure.

Refer to the Stirling Panic and Emergency Exits ‘Enhancement Guide’ for full information on available enhancements.

A selection of frame keeps is available to suit most applications, refer to ‘Stirling Keeps and Strikes’ for details.

Handing and opening direction is required when ordering Stirling locks, please refer to the Surelock McGill handing chart for the correct two digit coding.

Note: The code “04” specifies righthand outward opening.