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Assessed to ISO 9001:2008

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Surelock McGill have been manufacturing and installing high performance door locking and bolting systems, as well as accessory door hardware products, for over 50 years. Intensive research and development, together with embracing new technologies, materials and creative designs ensures our products meet the needs of both the Security Officer and the
Fire Marshall.

Bringing Safety, Security & Fire Certified Locking Together

Our Customers

Surelock McGill  products have been well-received by solution providers and end users in the commercial, industrial, government and speciality door markets throughout North America. On the world stage we have provided solutions for embassies in foreign countries, military installations, banks, cash in transit vehicles, critical utilities installations and many other applications.

Quality Statement

Our continued commitment to product excellence and accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 throughout the group ensures unequalled customer satisfaction and is our ‘Seal of Excellence’.

BS 476 part 22:
1987 & EN 1634

Safe Exits
UL305 (panic)
BS EN 1125: 2008 (panic)
BS EN 179: 2008 (emergency)

Meeting World Standards

Third party product testing and certification has been successfully completed to many North American and World standards to ensure maximum protection against the threat of forced entry, blast and ballistic attack by experienced criminals and terrorists.

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Buy America

We are committed to delivering US made products, using locally manufactured parts and highly trained personnel to assemble our high performance products. Now manufactured in Kentucky, the products are fully tested prior to shipment from our newly expanded modern factory facility in Lexington.

High Performance

Surelock McGill products provide protection against extreme levels of physical attack, forced entry, blast, ballistics, windstorm and corrosion. They secure critical facilities, sensitive sites, and national infrastructure. They are suitable for operation in hostile environments such as coastal and offshore installations, low temperature and other hazardous installations.

Flexible Operations

Flexible entry and egress options are a major feature of Surelock McGill locking systems, with many unique solutions available, including key or access control entry to provide means for:

Hostile Environments

Surelock McGill door hardware products are available in Type 316 Stainless Steel, designed for use in hostile environments and have become time tested hostile environment applications.

Suitable for use on offshore platforms, in the petro-chemical industry generally, for coastal applications, facilities used for fresh and wastewater treatment, remote utility and telecommunication sites and critical exterior application for government/military facilities.

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